Ice Cube's Performing But Does The City Care?


Shhhhh....Be very, very quiet! Arguably the most influential and prolific rapper still alive will be descending on Atlanta tomorrow and nobody's talking about it. Who am I speaking about? Ice Cube, of course.

The Don Mega will be performing at Earthlink Live tomorrow night, May 18th and at last check there were still tickets available. How? Earthlink is not a big spot. He should have sold out in a matter of days, and had he been anywhere west of the Mississippi, he probably would have.

I question when I hear little if any promo or pub for a Cube show on the radio outlets. And why has Cube rarely got any spins on the radio here? A common argument is the South won't be receptive to other types of music. Well, we'll never know if they don't play the music.

Other regions play our music faithfully - why can't we do the same here? Some of us don't want to snap our fingers all the time. Face it - E-40 wouldn't have seen an ATL spin if he wasn't joined at the hip with Lil Jon. I guess this is why I spend so much money on CD's.

This is no knock on the DJ's (we got the cream of the crop here on that tip), but more so the radio programmers.

Anyway, I'm done complaining, folk. If you can get there, be in the building for the show tomorrow. And pick up Laugh Now, Cry Later dropping on June 6.

My Top Five Ice Cube Albums
1. Amerikkka's Most Wanted
2. Death Certificate
3. Lethal Injection
4. War and Peace Vol 1. & 2
5. The Predator


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