Props To Bone Crusher For Being The Next Celeb To Get Fit



I have to send a shot out to Bone Crusher for taking a page out of Bizarre Royale's book by accepting a spot on Celebrity Fit Club for the upcoming season. It's good to see him about to seriously hit the scales.

We've seen too many cats fall a victim to being overweight over the years, with the end result being death in some cases. From The Fatboys to Big Pun, we've seen the FAT monster topple many a giant in our lifetime. Sad but true, but by this time if B.I.G had still been alive he would have had to tackle his own weight issue at some point.

The issue of eating healthy and overall physical wellness is something that artists in the game rarely touch on but it is definitely an issue of serious importance. I've heard a few cats like Dead Prez touch on the issue with songs like "Be Healthy" and KRS touched on it a couple times. So big up to him. I know there are a few other MC's that did too but even more need to.

I'm sure that just as I'm writing this blog there will be a bunch of cats talking about who cares? But that's sheer ignorance, we have have a nation of people crippled and dying because of bad eating habits.

I've stood next to Bone Crusher several times and believe it or not, I've seen cats alot bigger than him, no doubt. But regardless, major props go out to Bone and Bizarre for attempting to get that weight down and possibly send a message out to others that good health is a serious issue.


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