Lil Jon's: "Snap Ya Fingaz" Video


You gotta love Lil Jon's latest creation, the "Snap yo Fingaz" video. Once again, as with most video's that come out from ATL, the rest of the world will get a caption of a song that we've been vibing to for about a year now. But it's all good - err'body needs to come on in.

I like the video because it has captured the so-called "snap" music era in it's rawest form, especially with the dancing, because that's what the clubs look like in ATL. We've taken it a little bit further than leaning and rocking. I don't dance myself, but I feel 'em.

A not so bold prediction: this video will be #1 on 106 & Park by the end of the week, or by the end of next week at the latest.

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Lil Jon "Snap Ya Fingaz"


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