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It's Krucial, Big Boi And T.I. Finally Link Up


Big Boi and T.I. have officially linked up but not how you probably think. They have partnered up to open up an official Boom Boom Room at T.I.'s Club Krucial on Bankhead (Donald Lee Hollowell to you suburbanites).

If you need to ask what exactly is a "boom boom room"? Then maybe you really don't need to know.

Speaking of Big Boi, he and Dre 3000's single "Mighty O" is one of the hottest songs in the COUNTRY. Album in stores in August and I can't wait for the video on that joint.

Memorial Day In Miami Showcases ATL's Prominence


Yo, I didn't realize how big Yung Joc was in the south. Man, all I heard was "It's Going Down" throughout the whole weekend in Miami. I knew he was killing ATL for a minute but dammit man' that's all I heard. As a matter of fact, all you mainly heard was ATL music. The A is firmly planted.


Memorial Day in Miami is must-see T.V. though, believe me. It was just like any other urban fest though, with big rims and women scattered everywhere so if you've seen one you seen 'em all. And yep, that same midget was down on south beach leanin' and rockin'.

ATL's Greg Street Taking Car His Show To Miami


Yes Sirr, Memorial Day weekend is here so let the games begin. Fellas pull out your whips, summer is officially here.

To do the honor of jumpstarting the summer session, ATL's #1 DJ Greg Street will be taking his show down to Miami and hosting The Greg Street World Famous Celebrity Car and Bike Show. It's official.

Click here for the official flier

Keep an eye out for those Greg Street mixtape's too.

Has Anybody Seen Jody Breeze? We've Found Him


Has anybody seen Jody Breeze?

Bobby Brown and sister Tina Brown (the Whitney snitch) celebrated their father Pops' birthday at Club Insomnia recently. The night was part of a live taping for a future episode of the Being Bobby Brown show which is hanging in the balance as to whether it will be back this year.

Bobby's sister Tina is the lady who sold Whitney out to the National Enquirer a few moths back.

Purple Ribbon's Janelle Monae And Scar In Concert



Purple Ribbon Entertainment's Scar & Janelle will be in concert tonight as part of the SUMC the Return of The Monthly Urban Music Series. Performances Start at 10PM


Yo Gotti Gets Back To Basics


Next up to bat to carry the Memphis torch will be M-Town's own Yo Gotti. He drops his second TVT
release Back 2 Da Basics, with several guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Baby, La Chat, Jazze Pha, Bun B & 8 Ball.

Jermaine "JD" Dupri and legendary hitmakers Jimmy "Jam" & Terry Lewis have confirmed that they will be releasing Janet Jackson's, tentatively titled "20 Years Old." album, in the Fall.

We know JD will do platinum music every year and this is probably where he'll be grabbing grammy's from. Big ups to the most versatile producer in the game.

Also, remember when Ludacris fired on Oprah after his appearance on her talk show, well Oprah recently got back with him on his comments. Check out Oprah...

T.I.'s "Why You Wanna" Video



"Why You Wanna"- Song
"Why You Wanna"- Video

On the same day T.I. released his record selling album King, I spoke about the probable release of "Why You Wanna" as the second cut from the album. It was a no-brainer. The song is as catchy as a patch of poison ivy on ya' skin, as soon as you hear it.

Shawty Lo Of D4L Declares That He's "Da Man"


As D4L's Shawty Lo drills us with the chant I'm the man/ I, I I'm da' man...Got no wife but the white be my girlfriend, from their current single "I'm Da Man", I can just see the clubs consistently crunk off this joint.


Ice Cube's Performing But Does The City Care?


Shhhhh....Be very, very quiet! Arguably the most influential and prolific rapper still alive will be descending on Atlanta tomorrow and nobody's talking about it. Who am I speaking about? Ice Cube, of course.

The Don Mega will be performing at Earthlink Live tomorrow night, May 18th and at last check there were still tickets available. How? Earthlink is not a big spot. He should have sold out in a matter of days, and had he been anywhere west of the Mississippi, he probably would have.

ATL Writer Calls Out The Narcisistic Celebs


There was an interesting opinion column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the hip hop community and it's fascination with jewelry and wealth.

The author states, "Many others in this black celebrity clan are completely immersed in vacuous consumption and narcissism. Where is our Muhammad Ali?" and "our current crop of celebrities are in the spirit of Narcissus, for the betterment of themselves and their principles are only incidental to that core identity."

UGK Finally Returns To Atlanta



This weekend UGK had Atlanta on serious alert, they had the city feeling like baby Port Arthur after their ATL Live performance. Respect Due.

It was good to see C and Bun back together doing their thing. They dug way back into the crates, dropping some old "Riding Dirty", and a "Pocket Full of Stones".

UGK=Classic music however you look at it.

If you get a chance, read Pimp C's interview of T.I. in the May issue of Ozone Magazine. It's an interesting read.

Ever Wanted To Know The "Real" Definition of Snap Music?


I think people have too much time on their hands sometimes. Exhibit A - not only is there an urban dictionary for the common man, but they have also come up with a definition for so-called "snap music".


Snap Music

1. A style of music originating in the Dirty South. Unlike Crunk music, Snap music has a slower tempo but still talks about clubbin' and strippers (what about bubble gum and candy tho'). It is characterized by the finger snap effect in place of the snare drum. Different people may be able to take credit for originating this style from Fabo, D4L, & Dem Franchise Boys. (Fabo was a member of D4L the last time I checked and since when did he start producing beats)

2. A type of music that is very easy to snap your fingers to, hence its name. its made from simple beats and originated in atlanta, georgia. there is a specific step that people often do, along with the snapping. a good example of snap music would be the song "Laffy Taffy" by D4L.


For the record, I don't call it snap music. I think it's all hip hop and just one of it's many facets. And let's be real, the only people who really call it snap music are those outside of Atlanta.

Dem Franchise Boyz Put On Their Screw Face


Dem Franchize Boyz are following the recent trends and have released a chopped and screwed version of their "On Top Of Our Game" album. The original album had major success, so why should we expect less from this version?


T.I. has not resumed his tour yet, as some have reported that he would. How do I know? I saw him out and about yesterday in the town and it's hard to be in two places at one time.

He was scheduled to hit New Orleans but the Big Easy can wait. He should take as much time off as possible, put everything in perspective then jump back in it. Time heals all wounds. T.I. Just get ya' mind right. Believe it, shawty. We'll understand.

OK, enough with my Dr. Phil roll jo'.

But yo, make sure you check for these cats on the rise. Check the record, I told you about Yung Joc a while back--my track record is impeccable (I guess that's how you spell it--let me call Iron Mike and see). Naw, I'm just talking ishhh.

Jagged Edge Hopes Fifth Album Will Be The Charm


It's a big album release day for the city of Atlanta.

ATL's own Jagged Edge drops their fifth album Jagged Edge today, strictly for the grown and sexy. The self titled album has ushered in big time reviews already so hopefully the "experts" are right on the money this time.

We all know how big the southern movement is right now but sometimes lost in the ATL/Houston/Memphis shuffle are our neighbors from the south, them Florida boyz. Of course Trick Daddy is still running with the banner, but after spending some time in the sunshine state, the game is something crazy right now.

Of course Carol City's Rick Ross is holding Dade County down real big right now with his single " Hustlin" and has the 305 on serious lock right now. Ross' reported fued with T.I. after Tip dropped the Just Blaze-produced "I'm Talking To You", has fizzled out after rumors spread that the song was aimed at Ross. T.I. denied the beef and now Rick Ross is up on the "What You Know" remix. T.I. is already slated to be on Ross's upcoming album "Port Of Miami".

This is a good thing, because Rick would have given T.I a serious run for his money. Check him out on some of his mixtapes the boy is crazy-that's why Def Jam lifted him.

Lil Jon's: "Snap Ya Fingaz" Video


You gotta love Lil Jon's latest creation, the "Snap yo Fingaz" video. Once again, as with most video's that come out from ATL, the rest of the world will get a caption of a song that we've been vibing to for about a year now. But it's all good - err'body needs to come on in.

Bow Wow On Tour Again?



Bow Wow is back touring again? His Wanted tour kicked off last week in Michigan, but didn't he just get off The Scream Tour not too long ago? Little Shad Moss is at it hard, but he's young so he can do that.

I understand you gotta get that money and I can't knock you for it. But I know that concert money is good, especially when you can sell out arena's. But dammit man' take a break for a minute and drop some mixtapes or brush up on them lyrics. Or you can even get with JD and tell him what you want him to write for you


First, big up to Greg Street for bringing together a few artists yesterday to discuss the T.I. situation and the recent flare ups of violence in the rap world. Coincidentally, Busta Rhymes was in studio and had some things to say although he didn't touch on his situation too much. But it was a good look though.

Also commenting with some heavy words was Killer Mike, who stated that after yesterday's murder of his best friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson, "T.I. will never be the same person."

T.I. and Grand Hustle Involved In Ohio Shootout



The plan was to write about something else today, but after getting word late last night about the shootout involving T.I. on Interstate-75 in Ohio after leaving Club Ritz, I'm kind of throw'd right now. He was there after doing a show at Club Bogarts (leave the club shows alone pimpin).

I tried to contact one of my people from Grand Hustle but I've been unable to reach him so I really don't want to comment on the unknown. I'm sure the sketchy details will become clear soon.

All we have to go on is that four people have been shot during the highway shootout, one is reported to be fatal and that's the only thing that seems to be official.

Props To Bone Crusher For Being The Next Celeb To Get Fit



I have to send a shot out to Bone Crusher for taking a page out of Bizarre Royale's book by accepting a spot on Celebrity Fit Club for the upcoming season. It's good to see him about to seriously hit the scales.

We've seen too many cats fall a victim to being overweight over the years, with the end result being death in some cases. From The Fatboys to Big Pun, we've seen the FAT monster topple many a giant in our lifetime. Sad but true, but by this time if B.I.G had still been alive he would have had to tackle his own weight issue at some point.

Juvenile Set To Crank Up The Tour Bus Next Week



Juvenile recently announced his tour dates for The Reality Check concert tour. It's tricky because Juve' will be joined by Bubba Sparxxx , Dem Franchise Boyz and Lil Webbie on different dates but not on them all. I don't see ATL on the list yet, but I know it's coming. There's no way he's dropping in on Topeka, KS and Denver, CO and not da' "A", so stay posted.

But, before Juve' dips out, I hope drops another release off the album, preferrably that
"Loose Booty" featuring Eightball and Skip.


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