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ATL Stand Up For Ms. Coretta Scott King


I'm taking a step back from hip hop today as sadly ATL and the rest of the world has lost The First Lady of The Civil Rights Movement, Ms. Coretta Scott King, the wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


D4L Returns To Atlanta and Club Vision Is A Joke


What Up Atlanta? Finally them ni**az you love to hate, D4L have come back home and will be live in concert at the Dekalb Event Center on Friday after finishing up their nationwide tour w/Pretty Ricky. Also David Banner is scheduled to hit the stage too. The show starts at 8:00 pm.

Hip Hop Artists Work The Track For Daddy


The other day I heard Luda's "2 Miles An Hour" playing on the television. I wasn't facing the TV so I assumed it was a new video but naw, it was a car commercial (Pontiac I think?)

Does the company think we're going to run out and cop Pontiacs now? Yeah probably. I'm interested to see if purchases among the under-40 so-called "hip-hop generations" Pontiac sales increase.

Monica Proves She Knows How To Throw A Party


I know Monica hasn't dropped any music in a minute but dammit ol' girl can sure throw a party. Check out these photo's from a birthday party she threw for her man Rocko at Body Tap, one of Atlanta's local scripp joints.

Outkast is proving that it's never too late to correct a bad situation as they're in the works to do a tribute LP in dedication to Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks who passed away last year at the age of 92. Despite repeated apologies many have still held this dispute over Andre and Big Boi's head. However, the duo is once again working to amend this situation by dropping this tribute CD.

JD Signs American Idols Twin Thugs To SoSo Def


Yeah it's official Jermaine Dupri and SoSo Def just hit the once-fugitive twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum off with a deal. Terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed but it is a done deal.

There had been rumors of a deal over the last couple of days but nothing was concrete, however everything was made official on the V-103 Morning Show today.

Little Brother set the opening leg of their tour with only one southern stop as of yet, touching down in ATL on Feb. 9th at The Roxy. I'm sure they'll add some more southern gigs before the tour ends. At least I'm hoping. I have to think that they'll touch down on their home turf of North Carolina before all is said and done.

I think the entire south is ready for new hip hop flavor to be infused into the southern bloodstream and more southern tour dates and exposure would have been a good look for Little Brother. Though I hate to say it, I bet if at least 100 so-called "hip hop" fans in the south were randomly polled, at least 50-75 of them would have never heard of Little Brother. Sad but true.

Slik Shawty Proves The Bad Guy Still Stands


Slik 1.jpg
Slik Shawty

So many are quick to criticize the Atlanta hip hop scene for not breeding lyricists and being a bunch of average rappers who rely on catchy hooks and monster beats to make hit music, but after popping in "Zone 3's" own Slik Shawty one might beg to differ.

At age 24, Slik is poised to bring a style all his own to a game that has been in serious need as of late. He's made a name for himself throughout the south with his popular undergound cuts "Throwback" and "Git Money". His ATL roots are clearly exemplified on these two releases.

"Man, I'm from everywhere in this thang from Eastside to Westside, Decatur to Bankhead, every zone man, Cascade to Old Nat...I'm from there, but Zone 3 is home. One of the biggest influences and the first song that really had me was Too Short's Cusswords, that was one them first one's where I was like OK this nigga doin' it. I had to start rhymin' after I heard that." Shawty said.


Fellas, I gotta show the ladies some love every now so check out Nelly at Macy's Lenox Square for an informal fashion presentation of Nelly's Apple Bottoms Spring Collection on January 26th. The show starts at 5PM.

Nelly is headed back to Atlanta to show off his Apple Bottom Collection and I hear the runway is hot so it might be something to check out...just because. I know I'm loving it when I see a shawty with the Apple Bottom logo shuffle past me, it's something about that snug fit.

Anyway, big ups to Nelly for taking a chance on the marketing side. I'm glad he reached out to the ladies, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what demographic is spending the most money on clothes these days so why not aim your money arrow at the the money spenders. Good move Nelly on this one but the Charlotte Bobcats purchase, we'll have to wait and see on that one Dirtyyy'. I also remember that he signed a deal to do a reality series a while back but I haven't heard much about it?

The Southern Entertainment Awards Coming This Weekend


For those of you who missed the Dirty Awards last month, you still have a chance to see some of the same faces and performers at The Southern Entertainment Awards on Sunday, January 22nd in Tunica, MS. For the don't knows that's about 30 minutes outside of Memphis, TN. There will also be seminars and workshops during the 3-day event, with the awards show concluding everything on Sunday.

The SEA's are one of the few awards shows that give both artists and fans the opportunity to nominate and vote for the winners in each category. DJ Infamous, the founder of the awards show, saw the music conference and awards show as a way to promote and applaud the accomplishments of southern DJs, models, artists, magazines and websites. Coincidentally, ya' fam at SOHH.COM is up for a couple of SEA awards too, so take a picture playa.

"Welcome Home Gucci Mane"


"Welcome Home Gucci"

It's been a minute. I've had a chance to hear Gucci do a few interviews and he is really looking forward to getting out into the schools and the community and promoting a postive environment which is big. Keep in mind, he doesn't have be active in the community so it just shows what kind of person Gucci is. I'm involved with youth in the education system and believe me it's needed for stand-up artists like him to reach out to the kids today. Respect due Gucci Mane!

Can't wait to hear what music is on deck for Gucci Mane and Big Cat this year. You pushed 100,00-plus in 2005, what's next for '06. They also had a big bash for Gucci at Visions yesterday. Did anybody make it out there?

We put some of our recent Gucci posts up, including a two-part interview that we did with Gucci last year. Check them out below. We also have an interview scheduled with him today, so we should find out more about his music and community plans.

Gucci Mane Discusses His Situation From Behind Bars


Before talking with Big Cat recording artist Gucci Mane, I was somewhat speculative as to what exactly Gucci wanted to discuss or what he was even at liberty to discuss. Afterall, he was doing this interview from behind bars, an incarceration stemming from several run-in's with the law during the past year. But Gucci was very candid and went as far into every situation as he legally could.

The surprising thing was how much he wanted to discuss the business and music side of things. You would think that after so many allegations he would be trying to exonerate himself to the public as much as he possibly could. That wasn't the case.

Speaking very eloquently, Gucci went into his upbringing, his future projects and his beef with Young Jeezy. But should I have expected anything different from a poet who graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA. In this two-part interview with an incarcerated Gucci he attempts to draw you in closer to Gucci Mane the artist, and steer you away from Gucci Mane the accused felon.

Gucci Mane Discusses His Situation From Behind Bars (Pt.II)


During the second part of my interview with Gucci Mane he breaks down the dispute between him and Young Jeezy. Never attempting to back down from any questions that I asked, he is very open in his responses and even discusses some of his legal issues. Well, he goes as far into his legal issues as he can I should say.

He makes it a point to let his fans know that he is far from the trouble-searching thug he feels portrayed as and that he is in his words a god-fearing man who would never go out to intentionally or maliciously bring harm to anyone.


With that said here is the second part of my interview with Gucci Mane.

Charges Dropped for Gucci Mane



Walking thru the concrete jungle lettin' my nuts hang/ Any nigga touch my chain kill him like Gucci Mane---Killer Mike "Body Rock"

Prosecutors dropped murder charges against rapper Gucci Mane on Friday, saying they did not have enough evidence to try him in the slaying of Pookie-Loc, a rapper from Macon, Ga. He said he shot Pookie-Loc in self-defense when he and four other men attacked him.

In some states it's called "The Make My Day Law". They run up on you and you can kill em'- it's simple. Usually it doesn't work unless you're at your own house and it usually doesn't work for minorities. It's just a blessing that the Gucci is free and out of the hands of the sytem, the system is a monster. We wish him the best for real.

Gucci Mane Released From Jail Today


After months of incarceration at Fulton County Correctional Facility ATL's most controversial MC returns to the streets, Gucci Mane is a free man as of today. After murder charges were dropped last month due to lack of evidence Gucci was scheduled to be released today.

Question is will he stay a free man? Did incarceration wake him up and can he keep his nose clean for six years of probation when six months seemed to be a hard enough task in 2005? There are several questions looming over his head that he needs to address real soon before history repeats itself. I hear he still has Big Cat, which is good but he's gotten a new management team in Trea Day which is also good. That's what I hear.

"New York Hip Hop Has Never Been So Irrelevant"


I recently read an article floating around the internet that had an interesting take on hip hop and the direction in which it's going at the present time. I found this article on several sites which means it has unfortunately found it's way to several readers by now. The writer gives serious props to Atlanta and Houston but gives New York and east coast hip hop a dead smack in the face. Some of the interesting points from this article:

"New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, has never been so irrelevant." the author declared. Then, New York Times music critic Kelefa Sanneh writes, "Now that Southern rappers have so much momentum, hip-hop's ultimate big city is looking more like a small town."

Unreleased Songs From T.I.'s "The King" Leak To The Streets


The wait is almost over for T.I fans as his new album The King is set to drop . As with Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation CD there have been numerous bootlegs floatin' around with several actual songs from the CD, which has pushed the release back even further.

Will The M-Town Finally Get Recognition In 2006?


For a minute now I've been meaning to give props to our neighbors down the road in Memphis. So many have been slow in recognizing M-town as a major player in the game, and why it's taken so long I don't understand. With artists like Three 6 Mafia and Eight Ball & MJG leading the way for over a decade, what's been the problem?

SoSo Def's Daz Gets More Props Than His Boss


I happened to catch an article a couple of weeks ago that rated Daz as one of the top five producers in the game. Noticeably absent on the list was the self-proclaimed most underrated man in the game, his boss Mr. Jermaine Dupri.

Lil Jon Gives The Big Screen Another Try In Date Movie


lil john.jpg
Hopefully when Lil Jon takes his latest stab at a movie role in Date Movie, his third big screen appearance will be the charm. His first two appearances, the first starring alongside Snoop as Sherriff Sundy in Boss'n Up and the second as himself alongside The Eastside Boyz in Soul Plane were thankfully small roles in even smaller scale movies...(I think the whole hood had a bootleg Soul Plane didn't they?)

Will Holy Hip Hoppers Ever Be Taken Seriously


The 2006 Holy Hip Hop Awards are being held this weekend in Atlanta at Earthlink Live. However, I look at the nominees and wonder why some artists such as Kanye, Common, Dead Prez, KRS, and others are not considered spiritual MC's? What is the criteria?

D4L Selling "Feel Good Music" At A Record Pace


So many want to say D4L is cheezy, D4L is wack and so on but the sales don't lie. their single “Laffy Taffy,” just set a new one-week sales mark, as 175,000-plus copies of the song were downloaded this week according to SoundScan. The previous high was 80,500 by the Kanye West hit “Gold Digger.”

Incase You Missed The Latest ATL Rumors...


Fellas, Laila Ali is"Strictly Di**ly". That's rare with these 21st Century chics but I won't go there. Anyway, in a statement released by Ali, she said the following: “I am not dating, nor will I ever be dating a woman, because I am not gay. It is unfortunate that my divorce has started rumors in the media that are untrue.”

Also Jeezy and Keyshia Cole are a confirmed item. Jeezy's got himself a trooper too, I heard she smacked up a couple of employees at a club downtown and when she was done she grabbed Jeezy by the neck and said "aiight now let's bounce nicca".... I'm just playing about the last part but the fight is a true story....
I NEED A RIDE OR DIE CHICK!!!!!---Ruff Ryders

"A Great Day In Atlanta" Left Alot To The Imagination


First off, getting everybody together and re-creating the "Great Day In Harlem" photo was a brilliant idea. I actually wrote about the idea a couple months ago when it was not yet a finished product but very much in the works.

But to then see the finished product? This could have been something special but instead it looks like "A Great Day On The East Point Library Steps" or something. Didn't they teach us in elementary school to have the short people in front, tall in back, those in front kneel etc... So why is 5'2" Bobby Valentino in the back?

In With The New in 2006...


So last year was Jeezy's year. Who can we expect to do it big this year? Here's a rundown of ten artists not yet on the radar but approaching real fast.

1. Willie The Kid - You can catch him making appearances on every Aphilliates mixtape release from DJ Don Cannon's 28 Grams to DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz series. Check him out here

2. Rico Love - Us Records member, down with Usher, how can he lose? Plus he has some nice skills to go with the hype. Check out his new release "Settle Down"

3. Field Mob - Might see a platinum finish at the end once they drop. The only thing that can hold them back is themselves. [Smoke stay out the clink]

4. Bo Hagen - I think Lil Jon finally sees it, quit messin with these off-brands when you have a jewel right in front of your face.

5. Ice Cube - Yeah he aint ATL but Lil Jon is set to do production and if that happens watch out! Cube had arguably the best two songs on Crunk Juice and that's not by coincidence.

2005 Was Cool But ....


OUT WITH THE OLD...... (My 2005 Honorees)

S.u.N.n.Y, Went to 106th & Park ripping rappers apart but ever since you got your SoSo Def Chain you have practically been A.W.O.L. Get on your grind young man quit playin'!

I have a 3-way tie for this one between Bonecrusher, Andre3000, and Shawna. The last thing I heard about Bonecrusher was that he was doing a Gospel Hip Hop Show at Club Visions, if so I aint mad at him. Andre 3000, yeah The Love Below was decent but where have you been since then? Is it cool to just drop albums hollerin' ATL but never be seen in ATL? Did anybody see 'Dre during the Hurricane Katrina situation? Let me know I could be wrong...And Shawna, how you going to let outside artists (Field Mob) come on a label that you have been a part of for years and snatch your shine? Her flow is top notch but just drop a single every now and then, it aint hard.


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