Shout out to Rovella Williams for sending me over this new record from an artist she's working with who goes by the name Malachi. Personally, I'm feeling it a little bit. The hook interests me more then Malachi's verses. However, I can still dig it.

Listen to it below.

What a way to break in your 35th birthday As many of us alreayd know, Da Brat, who's real name Shawntae Harris, is serving a prison sentence for aggravated assault after smashing a full bottle of alcohol over a waitress's head at Jermaine Dupri's Studio 72 in 2007.

The 24 y/o rap phenom, Jody Breeze, is most known for being a member of rap quartet Boyz N Da Hood with their breakout hit "Dem Boyz" on Block Ent/Bad Boy South, and single "Stay Fresh" from his unreleased debut solo album on Shonuff Records.

I guess its safe to come out now. Whew, some people can't handle the truth. But I digress. I was cruising the blogs yesterday when a story caught my eye. It seems that Plies' incarcerated sibling Ronell Levatte a.k.a. Big Gates has flown the coop. Will the mini rappers career survive?

Asher Roth is gearing up for his new album, which drops on 4/20. And to celebrate his debut album, the Pennsylvanian is offering up his playlist for songs that make for a perfect 4/20 day.

Check it out above.

Props to Scooter Braun for sending this my way.

Roth 4:20 review after the jump.


I'm sure many of you have been giving Cassie the screw face every since she premiered her new look late Friday night. But for those of you who haven't seen it please don't rush to look because its pretty bad. Why that young girl gives Diddy so much power over her is beyond me. But I digress.

But its abundantly clear that the fleeting singer's new radical look is oozing with desperation for attention, so let me oblige her request. While every generation has their own set of artists that supposed to take the music forward, nobody can deny that there is a lot of artists today who seriously need to collect their pink slips. And after thinking long and hard SOHH Atlanta has compiled a list of artists both in Atlanta and beyond who need to SERIOUSLY hang it up because it's over.

Check out who made the cut below.

Asher Roth's album drops in a week and it looks like he's on his way to musical success. I've purposely pulled back on all blogs on A.R. simply because he clearly doesn't need it.

But his record with Busta is SOHH Dope I couldn't help but give dude some blog luv.

Yesterday I posted a trailer from Willy Northpole's newest video "Hood Dreamer" with Bobby Ray. And since I haven't done "Poppin or Floppin" video off the week in a long time, I figured I'd show some luv to my DTP favorite.

Check it out and share ya thoughts

Let's say that this is a rumor at this point until prove otherwise....

Rick Ross is probably going to be all over 50 Cent's site soon because I have just gotten word that the large Miami homie has been arrested.

While know Big Boy fans are getting extremely impatient for the homie not putting songs like "Ring Tone" instead of "General Patton" or "For Your Sorrows", it's not keeping the Atlanta legend from keeping the situation moving.

I know this is a little late, but i just got it emailed to me by the folks at Grand Hustle.  Young Dro is dipping his big toe into the blog world with a new site - and subsequently new online videos.

Here's some backstage hillarity from behind the scene's footage of Young Dro & Yung LA's new video.

Props to mario scar and grand hustle new media for the video.

I got luv for both JD and Greg Street, but this is really silly.  Check the video above. Greg Street is talking something about a horse & bird being covered by shit in winter.

I didn't really understand homie's metaphor, but I'll play along.

You know there comes a point in every man's life when they have to make a choice. Do they stay the course - or abandon it all together to take life to the next level. Well today that notion couldn't be more clearer for the Lamborghini Moss aka Bow Wow aka Mr. 106 &  Park because his new album "New Jack City 2" is nothing more than a BIG flop.

Sunday night Atlanta's top acts went to the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately, I was out of town so I am not able to bring you th info first hand. However, I heard that the turnout wasn't that good. Check below for all the details.


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