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KING Magazine Editor In Chief Jermaine Hall Weighs In On Giving His Readers What They Want

Posted on April 7, 2008 1:04 AM

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After four years as Executive Editor of KING Magazine, St. Lucia-born, Queens-bred journalist Jermaine Hall has taken the reins as Editor-in-Chief of the Men's magazine Hugh Hefner dubbed "the Black Playboy". In this week's 24 Hour Grind Jermaine weighs in with his favorite KING moments, what direction the magazine is going in and things every EIC should know to turn out an eyecatching publication.

Don’t Try to Sell Celtics Tickets To a Lakers Fan

You have to know your reader. I’m really interested in the presidential candidate's stance on health care but that’s not really a KING story. That shouldn’t be in the book whatsoever. One mistake editors make a lot of times is they'll take on things that are super close to their hearts, even when it isn't right for the book. It’s important to really know your reader.

Jermaine Hall's KING Hall of Fame:"My first issue as Editor-In-Chief was the Ciara issue. It was a pink backdrop with Ciara sucking on a lollipop, LL Cool J style."

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  • sullys girl says...
  • king is dope mag and jermaine is doing his thing. i used to hate on my boo when he would read it but he convinced me it has good articles too and wasnt just lookin' at girls asses. i finally checked it out and its not bad.

  • April 7, 2008 6:50 PM

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